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"Is Garlique a Cholesterol Miracle ... Or a Placebo Wrapped Inside of a 'Marketing Hype' Blanket?"

The garlic supplement, Garlique, started getting a lot of attention a few years ago when Larry King began endorsing it.

One of Garlique's "claims to fame" is that it's great for cholesterol reduction.

But is it?

There's really two questions to answer here...

  1. How effective is garlic at reducing cholesterol?

  2. Is Garlique a strong and effective supplement?

We'll start backwards and look at Garlique first...

Garlique consists mostly of garlic powder, with a little calcium and iron mixed in as well.

One of Garlique's biggest selling features is that it's an odor-free product.

But Here's the Thing About Odor-Free Garlic...

Odor-free garlic has never been shown to produce the same type of health benefits that regular ole stinky garlic does.

In fact, many scientists and nutritionists believe that some, if not most, of the health benefits associated with both garlic and onions are directly attributable to the strong odor.


Well, truth is no one knows for sure.

But it's believed the same strong odor which can make you turn away from someone with garlic breath, can also turn away nasty "creatures" that live inside of our bodies.

I'm talking about nasty things like parasites which do so much damage if left alone and able to thrive inside your body.

But now let's turn our attention to the actual food garlic.

Does Garlic Reduce Cholesterol or Not?

One of the most rigorous studies ever performed on this very topic ...for both raw garlic and garlic supplements ... was performed recently with results appearing in a February 2007 edition of "Archives of Internal Medicine".

Taken from the February 27th Boston Globe

Whether it was eaten raw in heart-healthy sandwiches, or in pills made of powdered or aged garlic, the strong-smelling herb had no effect on cholesterol in people whose levels were already elevated, the government-funded study found.

"If garlic was going to have a chance to work, it would have worked in this study," said researcher Christopher Gardner. But it didn't.

There you have it.

If stinky, raw garlic and strong odored supplements didn't produce any results in this comprehensive study, then you can rest assured that odor-free Garlique isn't going to do much for your cholesterol levels.

Now don't get me wrong here...

I'm not saying that Garlique is a worthless product.

I'm not here to pile on Garlique and tell you not to buy it.

I just want you to know that when it comes to lowering your cholesterol, you're pretty much paying for a placebo with any garlic supplement ... and that includes Garlique.

Trust me, Garlique isn't the only bad cholesterol myth that's floating around out there.

I know that you're frustrated and aggravated with your lack of results. And it's because you're being told the wrong things.

Sad but true.

I reveal many more myths as well as the very best secrets to reduce cholesterol - many you've never seen anywhere else - as part of my free tips, "Crunch Cholesterol and Save Your Heart".

You'll find out...

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To Your Invigorating Health!

Cholesterol Expert Colin Carmichael
Colin Carmichael
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